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We have no idea why our dogs like these toys so much; they’re just balls with feet! But who can argue with them? They know what they love. Even if the squeaker dies they keep flinging them around and playing with them. Whether your dog is a little devil, an adorable angel, or spiky on the outside and mushy on the inside; there’s a Cuz rubber squeaky dog toy that’s just right for him.

So if your dog loves chewing but chews a little too much and destroys things, here’s the answer! Like all Cuz toys, the Cuz dog toys are made of thick-walled, heavy-duty rubber and finished with a long-winded squeaker. No matter what the size of the dog there is a super tough Cuz for them. Please see below for the sizes that would be the most appropriate for your dog.

Even though they come in assorted colours and types; please allow us to surprise you and your pup with one of the 3 types shown.

Available in three sizes (Types that are available to be surprised);

  • Small (Good, Bad) – 2” diameter
  • Medium (Good, Bad & Spiky) – 3” diameter
  • Large (Bad) – 4” diameter

*These squeakers are made to fall into the toy when they break not outside so Fido doesn't have the opportunity to accidentally swallow them.

*For Safety: No matter what your dog's chewing temperament is always supervise play until you are sure the dog will not destroy the toy. Always replace any toy with rips, tears or cuts in it.