GoDog - Hydration & Recovery

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Total Sports Drink For Dogs!

GoDog improves comfort, safety, and performance at ANY activity level.

Recreational: Makes walks healthier and more enjoyable.

Extreme: Helps performance dogs find that elusive higher gear

Show: Maintains poise, energy & focus while others fade.

Total Canine Performance

The explosive muscular power that propels your dog into the air after a Frisbee or over an agility obstacle comes at a cost—heat. The more power generated, the more heat produced. This heat builds up and limits performance. There's never been much you could do but surrender to the endothermic (heat generating) effect - until now! Human sports drinks have proven themselves to be very effective and we believe it's time that dogs get their drink. That's why we developed Go Dog ™
Nothing does more to hydrate and keep your dog in the performance safety zone than Go Dog ™.

Dogs operate within a narrow core temperature range. Their power zone is 100 - 104°F. Your dog’s performance declines above this range and heat stroke becomes a real danger. Using GO DOG will help re-hydrate and maximize performance within your dog’s power zone.
Go Dog,™ strengthens metabolic links to total peak performance.
Improve Physical Performance.  Improve energy efficiency in slow and fast twitch muscle fibers; maintain higher output longer. Rapid & slow release fuels help generate high muscle ATP, which can lead to a boost in performance. Enhanced lactic acid & ammonia clearance helps promote healthy endurance.

We are committed to your dog’s everyday health and wellness. GO DOG,™ our nutritional hydration supplement, is one of our many products that provide the following powerful benefits for your pet:

• Delicious real meat flavor dogs love
• Enhances exercise tolerance
• Helps support hydration levels
• Helps muscle function and fluid balance
• Training and performance support for exercising muscle
• Promotes proper glucose metabolism
• Supports performance and endurance
• Supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function
• Supports electrolyte balance
• Helps maintain normal fluid balance in the blood and tissues
• Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity
• Helps replace fluid lost through excess salivation
• A clean energy Source - No sugar rush. No crash.
• Support energy production
• Go the Distance, and then some - Encourages healthy endurance and stamina.

Pour recommended number of scoops into a standard 20 oz. water bottle fill with clean water and shake well. Feed small amounts (25%) of Go Dog before activity. Feed during breaks (25%) while exercising. After exercise continue use for 30 minutes as required. Repeat above as necessary to meet dog’s needs.

Guaranteed Analysis (per scoop): 
Crude Protein (Min)…..10%
Crude Fat (Min.)…..8%
Crude Fiber (Max)…..0%
Moisture (Max)…..8%

Calorie Content (fed): 
(Kcal ME / Kg)…..4000
(Kcal ME / scoop)…..80

Serving Size: 48cc = 3 ½ tbs
1-lb Container: 22 Servings

1LB Jar