Baie Run Atlantic Sea Kelp

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A to Z: Kelp is packed with highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals. It is also one of the richest amino acids source found in plants making it a perfect multi-vitamin to balance a raw diet.

TISSUE REPAIR: The protein in kelp is highly bio-available, which allows dogs to assimilate its amino acids so they can speedily and effectively assist in tissue repair.

KEEPS A HEALTHY GLANDULAR SYSTEM: This iodine rich seaweed makes it an ideal supplement to keep your pup's or kitty's entire glandular system, particularly the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, in healthy working order.

BETTER METABOLISM LEADS TO IMPROVED HEALTH: With better metabolism as a result of improved glandular activities, dogs or cats given kelp supplements can enjoy better general health. This may be particularly important for those older or overweight whose metabolism may be poor and glandular and immune functions may be compromised.

100% ATLANTIC SEA KELP AND NOTHING ELSE: Unlike other kelp, which can be a blend of multiple species from around the world, our kelp is a single species that is hand harvested from the North Atlantic. Hand harvesting not only helps with the sustainability of kelp communities, but it also protects the quality and purity of the product.

Ingredients: Pure Atlantic Canadian Sea Kelp.