About Us

K9 Training and Supplies is directly descended from K9s in Action. It was during our 25 + years of working and training many different breeds of dogs while in Canada and Germany, that we noticed that most dogs were not showing the endurance that working dogs or young dogs should have by nature. Additionally, so many dogs now-a-days are not living nearly as long as they should. Talk to anyone who had a pet 20 or more years ago and I'm sure you will hear many stories of them living 15 or more healthy years. While now we have become conditioned that 10 years is a good life for many breeds and if they do happen to live longer, most struggle to have their quality of life maintained without constant trips to the vet. But what if we could change that, and do so easily, naturally and affordably?

Although countless owners are trying hard to condition their animals we still find that, when push comes to shove, their animals often do not have the stamina required for either long competitions, or the demands of extreme weather. Most dogs, even those that don't compete and are just wonderful additions to the family, are lacking something. And what seems to be lacking is the proper nutrition that should be included in their food. Even if pet food companies add enough extra vitamins or minerals to place it on the label, the high heat they use to process the kibble defeats any and all good intentions they may have had which has caused a much needed void in our dogs immune system. Because of this, K9 Training and Supplies searched out and found what we believe to be the ultimate line of natural raw food and all natural animal supplements for Dogs and Cats. It is because of this void that Bob Fritz, owner and creator of Animal Naturals and ReNature, went from developing a line of high-end supplements for NASA and professional body builders, to creating a full line of high-end natural animal supplements for all activity levels of Dogs and Horses. Rest assured, all our products are thoroughly tried, tested and proven to be safe and highly effective on our own animals before we offer them to you. It is because of the positive changes we saw in all of the hundreds of dogs in the different breeds, from the way they work, feel and live, that we can happily bring you a guarantee that we will have something that will help your dog from the way he feels, to the way he performs, and we won't stop until we find the exact product that will work for him or her.

We are not only pleased to bring you the best animal supplements on the market, but we carry only all natural, hormone and pesticide free, exceptionally made raw pet food from Naturawls. As well as extremely tough and interactive toys from JW and Orbee Planet Dog. We would also be pleased to bring in any speciality products that you would like and yet don't see listed. To place an order for any of the frozen raw food, please call or text us at (403)607-6248 or (250)589-1010 for Greater Victoria and surrounding area only. Or email us at the address below.

If there is any item that you would like to have further information on, or if there was something specific you were looking for but its not currently listed, please contact us directly either via email info@k9trainingandsupplies.com or by phone; (403)607-6248 / (250)589-1010, as at times we do have products onhand and physically available for shows but they are unavailable for purchase online at that time.