Cow Hooves

These Cow Hooves are all-natural, full-sized hooves that have been thoroughly cleaned. Just call these a “Renewable Stuffable Dog Toy!” because the hollowed out space of the hoof can easily be stuffed with all kinds of goodies to make a healthy, long-lasting dog treat. These cow hooves are also fully digestible dog treats , and our supplier has never used hormones, preservatives or chemicals!

Not only are our cow hooves tasty and safe, they also have great health benefits! As your dog chews on this single-ingredient treat, they’re also removing tartar and plaque from their teeth. Keeping your dog’s pearly whites healthy means great overall health for years to come!

The cow hooves are also individually shrink wrapped and are sourced from the highest quality. They measure approximately 2-4 inches in width, 5-6 inches in length, and 2-3 inches in height.

Give your dog an all-natural chew once a day for cleaner teeth and peace and quiet around the house! As we sell a 100% natural product, we suggest washing your hands after giving your dog an all-natural treat. Please supervise your dog when giving them any chew or treat.

Beef Hoof

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