K9 L'il 6" Thin Odour Free Bullies

Not all Bully Sticks are created equal. Be sure, these are the best bully sticks you will find and your dog will love them… guaranteed! Our 6” Small/Thin bullies are equal to our competitors Regular sizes. They range approximately 10/16” and weigh 7g.

Our K9 Bully Sticks are made from free-range cattle. These cattle are considered “green” as they are not given hormones or fed processed food and graze freely on open grass fields that grow naturally. Our bullies are not washed with peroxide or other chemicals, nor are they radiated like most products on the market. Our special K9 bullies are baked not sun-dried in order to stop the use of needed perservatives.

K9 Bully Sticks promote healthy teeth and gums and are excellent for cleaning your dog’s teeth. Because of the chewing action required to eat the stick, they are excellent for teething puppies. As well, when your dogs start chewing these in a very short period of time you should notice that both plaque and tarter dimish. You can be guaranteed that your dog will love chewing on these more than having you brush their teeth!

Both our Regular and Thin size bullies are great for smaller dogs, teething puppies or our beloved seniors who are low on teeth. They will give them a good chew and last a decent length of time. Not strongly recommended for larger dogs or aggressive chewers. For these dogs you will want to go to our Thick or Jumbo size bullies for a longer lasting chew.

We recommend storing all of our natural treats in the freezer or refrigerator since they do not contain any preservatives. No need to thaw, your dog will love them frozen!

Odor-free bully sticks are cooked longer to reduce their moisture content and smell. When in contact with moisture, including dog’s saliva, some natural bully stick smell may return.For more information including ingredients click here

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Price: $16.00