K9 Show Stopper

K9 Show Stopper is your secret weapon for the show ring and for all valued pets. If your dog wasn’t born with perfect genetics, K9 SHOW STOPPER can help. 20 years of research has uncovered the secrets of genetically blessed dogs, and how advanced nutrition can help recreate those advantages. K9 SHOW STOPPER improves coat, muscle and mental function in any dog, providing benefits that Nature previously reserved for those lucky few. K9 SHOW STOPPER proves champions are made as well as born. Today’s best natural supplements combined in a single delicious, money saving formula. Perfect ratios multiply the effectiveness of K9 SHOW STOPPER with each built-in supplement. Save 50% by replacing these products:

  • Coat Omega 3, 6 DHA & more
  • Vitamins/Minerals Freshest, most bioavailable
  • Pre/Probiotics FOS Lactobacillus plus
  • Muscle/Performance L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine others
  • Antioxidants Blueberries, Grape seed even Lycopene

Gorgeous coat, solid physique, rock solid joints and boundless energy are so striking it literally stops the show. K9 SHOW STOPPER deserves its name. These coat and body benefits result from inner health. This striking improvement for exotic show dogs benefits pets, too. The highest quality human grade supplements are selected for ease of digestion and absorption. We even use friendly energy nutrients partially predigested for rapid and easy uptake. Pre, probiotics & enzymes further aid digestion resulting in smaller stools!

Q & A

WHAT WILL K9 SHOW STOPPER DO FOR MY DOG? Dazzling coats, strong joints, solid hips, muscular body. K9 SHOW STOPPER helps your dog reach new levels of luxurious coat, while at the same time strengthening joints and muscles. All from the inside out, which is how true beauty is built. There has never been a product like K9 SHOW STOPPER to improve looks and overall health. Plus-you save money!

HOW CAN K9 SHOW STOPPER PRODUCE SUCH RESULTS? Science has unlocked the secrets of the lucky few drop-dead beautiful coats and bodies. While no one can change your dog’s parents or genetics, K9 SHOW STOPPER helps you make more of what your dog has inside. Bottom line, K9 SHOW STOPPER helps recreate, from the inside out, the coat and metabolism of the lucky genetic few dogs. The dogs that stop the show.

Sizes Available; 1lb, 4lb, 8lb

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