K9 Superfuel

Since 1980, Animal Naturals has helped millions improve performance. Their human innovations benefit pro and amateur athletes. Their canine foods revolutionized nutrition for sled, police and other dogs. New K9 SUPERFUEL takes muscular performance to higher levels. K9 SUPERFUEL improves quality of life for all dogs. K9 SUPERFUEL is designed to raise immune function higher than any other product. Elevated immunity translates into improved health, stress resistance and more. Family pets to debilitated dogs, SUPERFUEL improves immunity and health. 100% natural K9 SUPERFUEL is the ultimate K9 performance and bodybuilding gainer. K9 SUPERFUEL enables dogs to perform better and gain lean muscle. By reducing fatigue with lactic acid buffers, and increased oxygen utilization via L-Citrulline, K9 SUPERFUEL helps dogs avoid injury caused by being tired. K9 SUPERFUEL also helps gain lean, healthy muscle. K9 SUPERFUEL is perfect for dogs needing to gain functional weight-without getting fat. Because it is predigested, K9 SUPERFUEL is gentle for even the most stressed dogs. And for those over weight dogs, K9 SUPERFUEL is perfect for helping them lose weight and at the same time keep their energy level high while building muscle they so desperately need. K9 SUPERFUEL is the all round perfect additive for your K9.
Sizes Available; 1lb, 4lb, 8lb
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