K9 Puppy Gold

The Gold Standard Puppy Builder! Puppies grow healthiest and best on Mothers Milk. Science has decoded the immunity and growth secrets in canine milk to reveal more than 1,000 bioactive properties. Puppy Gold recreates canine milk to promote immunity, stronger joints, and lean growth.

Multi Use Formula:

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers:

* Takes the pressure off the Mother to provide all nutrients for growing puppies for better and more even birth weights. * Helps Moms spring back to excellent condition after weaning. * Feed 1 scoop per cup of food, or improvise to your bitch’s needs. * Tasty, easy to feed formula for finicky eaters.

Milk Replacer:

* Simply blend in mixer with boiled or filtered water to make enough for 24-48 hours. * Excellent for fading puppies, hard keepers, and low birth weight puppies. * Easy to store, easy to make!

Weaning Puppies:

* Mix one scoop of Puppy Gold into each cup of dog food. Add enough warm water to make a thick, soupy mixture.

Growing Puppies:

* Simply mix 1 scoop of Puppy Gold into 1 cup of food. Feed dry or wet, or improvise. * Puppy Gold can be fed up to 4-6 months of age and longer for active or show puppies.

Serving Size 1 scoop = 19 grams
Servings/ 1LB = 23 scoops
Calories 101

Sizes Available; 1lb, 4lb, 7lb

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