Shearling Boots

Shearing Boots have a rich durable faux suede exterior with soft full fleece lining and non-skid sole. The zipper closure and adjustable ankle strap make it so there is a secure fit. These boots protect paws from salt, coarse surfaces, hot and cold pavement by keeping paws clean and warm. Unfortunately at this time not all colors come in all sizes so when ordering please state an optional color.

To figure out which size of boot your dog would need, draw a thick line on a sheet of paper. Place your dogs paw on with its HEEL on the line. Draw another line at the front of their paw. The boots need to be a snug fit so make sure the line is right at the front of the nails, don’t worry about their hair. Please see below for approximate sizes in length.

  • XXXSmall 1 1/2” – Toy Poodle, Maltese
  • XXSmall 2 1/4” – Jack Russell
  • XSmall 2 3/4” – Miniture Schnauzer, Sheltie Miniture Poodle
  • Small 3 1/4” – Beagle, Westhighland Terrier

Thinsulate Boots

The Thinsulate Boots have an excellent well made thick rubber sole and go higher up the leg than the Shearling Boot. Both have the zippers that open up the full front of the boot with a wrap around fastener that velcros at the top keeping it a snug fit on the leg. The way they are both made make them perfect for staying on even the smallest of dogs. Great for walking in winter to keep feet from frostbite as well as burns from salt on the roads.
In my opinion the Thinsulate boots are even better made than the Shearling.

  • Medium 2 1/2” Long – Jack Russell
  • Large 2 3/4” Long – Miniture Schnauzer, Sheltie Miniture Poodle
  • Hand wash in warm water and hang to dry.

Not all colors are available in all sizes. Please see on the side bar for sizes and colors still available.

Only a few sizes of the Thinsulate boots are available. The boot sizes fit much smaller than the Shearling Boots. In fact ‘large’ in the Thinsulate would fit closer to a small/xsmall in Shearling.

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