PetsGoRaw Beef Full Meal

Pets Go Raw Cat Food like the dog food, it is made with only top quality human-grade beef free of all hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. The cat formula consists of 92% meat with 10% being organ. The trade off is fewer vegetables but more liver and eggs than the dog food. As with the dog food, if you are in a dry climate and you happen to notice that your pet’s coat is showing signs of dryness you may want to add an additional omega-3 oil. Although, you may prefer, rather than using an oil, a top quality supplement like NuVet as it will help not only with the making of a gorgeous coat but will alleviate almost all unnecessary shedding.

Most of the Pets Go Raw products are produced and shipped in 1/4 lb patties – 6 patties per pkg. Formerly frozen in a sausage style, now for your convenience they are packaged in 6 – 1/4 lb hockey puck patties double wrapped then flash-frozen. Because of this it retains its freshness and flavor with a good storage life and the state-of-the-art machine that is used, proportions to exact size every time.

  • Each flavor of the cat food is conveniently packaged with 6 × 1/4 lb patties for easy access and freshness.
  • For an average cat weighing under 10lbs, 1 package which contains 6 frozen patties, may last approximately 12 days.
  • Please call 403-607-6248 or 250-589-1010 to order product and arrange delivery.

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