Ground Chicken with Organ Meat; 1/2lb Patties 25lbs BEST SELLER

Our bulk ground chicken is just that, pure human grade finely ground chicken with all the bone. Nothing else is added or removed. And like all of Pets Go Raw products only the highest quality chickens are used, no seconds or leftovers. Only chickens that go to market for human consumption are good enough for our pets.

All Pets Go Raw products are made from government inspected, human quality meats, vegetables and fruits which are handled with the utmost care in processing. No second rate product is used, only the same quality ingredients that you would buy in the grocery store for your own table are purchased for your pets food. The meats that are used are antibiotic and hormone free and are not fed any animal by-products.

Suggested amounts for daily feeding depends on activity level, rate of metabolism etc., so we suggest that you carefully watch your cat and adjust feeding as necessary.

  • Typical feedfing for an average cat weighing about 10lbs would be less that 1/4lb per day. Therefore a 25lb box of 1/2 lb pattie may last approximately 3-4 months.
  • Conveniently cut into 8oz patties and brought in bulk in a 25 lb box
  • All products are made fresh, flash frozen and delivery available every 2 weeks
  • Please call 403-607-6248 or 250-589-1010 to order product and arrange delivery.

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Price: $55.00